Diagnostic & Therapeutic | MED-1 Partners
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Diagnostic & Therapeutic

MED-1 would not be complete without a full pharmacy and full diagnostic capabilities.

Units include:


The X-Ray is a maneuverable and portable X-Ray system with Computed Radiography (CR) processing system from which images project in fewer than 30 seconds.


The portable, easily maneuverable ultrasound machine enables transabdominal and transvaginal focused abdominal sonography for trauma (FAST) as well as gall bladder, aortic and other examinations. The unit attaches to a large, high-resolution screen, but can operate independently.

Coulter counter

Point-of-care labs


Cardiac markers and BNP

Blood gases

Coagulation profile

Lactate and base excess

Toxicology and urinalysis

Liquid and compressed oxygen vacuum suction systems

COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.