Surgical & Resuscitation | MED-1 Partners
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Surgical & Resuscitation

MED-1 dedicates two beds to operative procedures or acute resuscitations. Both stations are fully contained in a clean-contaminated environment with full trauma (surgical, resuscitation and anesthetic) capabilities.

The Areas Include:

Two multi-positional operating room tables and surgical lights.

Two wall-mounted anesthetic machines/vaporizers.

Cardiovascular monitoring (including invasive and non-invasive venous and arterial monitoring and anesthetic gas analyzers).

All power routed through an isolation transformer.

All air HEPA filtered to 0.3 microns.

Strategically mounted exhaust fans that circulate air fifteen times per minute.

Midmark Ultraclave - a steam autoclave perfectly sized to efficiently accommodate all surgical trays for steam sterilization.

Electrocautery unit.

Surgical headlamp.

Airway cart with complete anesthesia supplies.

Transparent, accordion-style wall with confidentiality curtain for clean-contamination.

COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.