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MED-1 Partners (Mobile Emergency Department) is a first-of-its-kind, fully mobile and complete healthcare facility—the most efficient and cost-effective mobile hospital ever produced.  Our Mobile Medical Hospital, MED-1, has the unprecedented speed, capability, and flexibility to start saving lives within minutes The MED-1 mobile hospitals are fully capable for Surgical & Resuscitation needs, Emergency Care, Surge/Ambulatory Care, Diagnostic & Therapeutic care, and so much more. MED-1 possesses the full capabilities of a modern hospital, yet has to ability to relocate and be ready for patient care within 30-minutes of arrival on-site.

The speed, capability and flexibility to save lives, improve medical outcomes and revolutionize first response.

That’s our design. MED-1.

Healthcare workers enjoy working in the MED-1 system as it is equipped with state of the art equipment, is designed for efficiency, and is aesthetically pleasing to both the workers and patients.

A proven mobile emergency department, MED-1 is designed to provide medical personnel a first class facility to diagnose and treat most conditions and diseases seen in a standard emergency department.

It can handle rapid surge during a disaster, overflow management, or serve as full service isolation and a barrier emergency facility during a major infectious outbreak.

MED-1’s design allows it to be used for every day healthcare in a variety of easily changeable configurations.

Our Process




COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.