Ecuador | MED-1 Partners
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MED-1 Mobile Hospital deployment in Ecuador South America designed and built by MED-1 Partners and Golden Gait Trailers located in Concord NC. Ecuador purchased and deployed 2 of the Mobile Hospital systems with cutting edge technology. These units are capable of supporting 200+ patients each including 2 surgical suites, 4 ICU beds, 7 step down beds and 1 ENT chair.

Within days of commissions the two MED-1 mobile hospitals, the hospitals were routinely processing over 1,000 patients each day.


Open 12 hours per day

Maximum of 1,800 patients in one day

Averaging 15 to 25 surgeries per day per hospital


MED-1 provided the training for the medical and support staff, commissioned the units and also provided training and support for the maintenance and service.  The training and support was extremely successful, and the local teams were able to operate the hospital independently within a month.


COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.