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200 Bed Mobile Hospital, 7 Bed Emergency Department, 

4 Bed Intensive Care Unit and 2 Bed Operating Theatre

Three 16.2m (53 ft) semi-tractor trailers with 2.14m (7 ft) expandable sides 

92m2 (1000 ft2) mobile hospital trailer with two bed operating theatre (OR), four bed intensive care unit (ICU), and 7 bed emergency department (ED)

All aluminum construction with patented auto deploy expandable sides and auto leveling system

Trailer weight (without tractor) approximately 28,500 kg (62,700 lb.)

Pharmacy Trailer with storage cabinetry and storage system, oxygen supply infrastructure; and blood bank or staff lounge. Go to Attachment C for more details on the Pharmacy and Support Trailer.

Two HVAC units (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

Not including medications or medical supplies

HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtered heating and air conditioning; with positive pressure air curtain to maintain sterility.

Major Medical equipment: (Full list available upon request) 

Four ICU monitors (expandable to 11), two OR monitors, & two defibrillators

Two anesthesia machines

Thirteen diagnostic sets


Portable digital X-ray with PACS (digital radiology system)

Fully attachable 360° perimeter aluminum awning structure: 

Two hundred bed max capacity insulated shelter system capable of handling -25°C to +45°C with HVAC unit

465 m2 (5000 ft2) tent usable space

Lighting, heating, cots, & privacy screens

Information system: 

Optional fully automatic satellite dish for telemedicine, television and telecommunications

Information technology equipment

Mobile Medical Hospital

COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.