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Global Medical Hospital Trailers

Our Global Medical Hospital Trailers feature:

80 Bed Hospital, 3 Bed Emergency Department, 

2 Bed Intensive Care Unit and 1 Bed Operating Theatre 

Single 13.1m (43 ft) semi-tractor trailer with 2.14m (7 ft) ‘slide-out’: 

Global Medical Hospital Trailers with one bed operating theatre (OR), two bed intensive care unit (ICU), and three bed emergency department (ED). Includes storage cabinetry and storage system, and oxygen supply infrastructure

  •  HVAC unit (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Both hospital and support trailer are all aluminum construction with patented auto deploy expandable sides and auto leveling system
  •    Support trailer is medium duty 4×4 version with a slide canopy for transportation
  • Not including medications or consumable supplies

Medical equipment: 

  •     Three ICU monitors (expandable to 6), one OR monitor, & defibrillator
  •     One anesthesia machine
  •      Six diagnostic sets
  •    Ventilator
  •    Portable digital X-ray with PACS

Fully attachable aluminum tent structure: 

  •      Eighty bed capacity insulated shelter system for -25°C to +45°C, with optional HVAC   unit
  •     Tent has 140 m2  (1500 ft2) of usable space
  •      Lighting, heating, cots, privacy screens & additional support items are available


Information system: 

  •  Optional fully automatic satellite dish for telemedicine, television and telecommunications
  •    Information technology equipment

COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.