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Everyday Applications

Certain medical needs can be anticipated. But foresight alone can’t guarantee access to care, particularly in rural locations or at congested events. MED-1 has pioneered the fully mobile, comprehensive capabilities needed to ensure widespread, accessible healthcare.

Rural/Urban Access

MED-1 units, with the ability to set up in urban areas and the mobility to reach even the most distant, isolated populations, can be configured for any community need (e.g.,ambulatory surgery, cancer screenings, occupational medicine, preventive medicine, even dental care). With pre-scheduled, periodic tours, a single MED-1 unit can service an entire region—efficiently ensuring the screening and treatment of every underserved resident.

Mass Gatherings

Many public events take place at sites (and in regions) ill-equipped to medically support short-term population surge. In these situations, MED-1 guarantees a standardized level of on-site healthcare, effectively reducing the transportation of patients to community hospitals and trauma centers. As a single point of contact for all medical resources, MED-1 can drastically streamline the coordination and dissemination of care during a mass casualty event.

Migrant Workers

Migrant workers cause short-term population surge in these rural unserved areas. Their short-term stays do not justify healthcare infrastructure necessary for timely care. MED-1 can provide this care as the migrant workers move from one unserved area to another.

Isolated Workers

Companies frequently establish operations in remote areas around the world, often with little access to healthcare. MED-1 can be brought in to provide an immediate first class medical facility.

COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.