Emergency Applications | MED-1 Partners
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Emergency Applications

Dire events necessitate nimble medical solutions. With most lives lost in the first 24-hours following an emergency, time is the enemy, and hospital surge can prove fatal. Therefore, as the world’s first fully mobile, comprehensive medical unit, MED-1 is revolutionizing healthcare in times of crisis.


In a new age of global warfare, biological and chemical weapons pose a real and ever-present threat to public health. To safeguard patients and staff from contamination, MED-1 units are HEPA filtered to 0.3 microns and readily adaptable to a hospital’s infrastructure for maintained sterilization during transfer. MED-1, a biologically- and chemically-secure facility with unprecedented function and mobility, is uniquely poised to save countless lives in the wake of a terrorist attack pharmaciepourhomme.fr.

Damaged or Overwhelmed Infrastructure

Should fire-, smoke- or water-damage render a local medical facility inoperative, or should patient volume exceed capacity under any circumstance, MED-1 is a vital and instantly deployable safety net. Similarly, when a facility undergoes construction or routine maintenance, MED-1 is primed to disburse fully-functional, provisional care.

COVID PANDEMIC: 1 Stock Unit Available for LEASE.